Re: [RML] Rainbowfish deformity

Mach Fukada (tuhoitc at
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 14:58:15 -1000

I duknow, sounds like an ulcer in the throat. I recal a thread a while
back discussing this and possible causes (patological)...

>On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, John Grylls wrote:
>> I have bred and raised a batch of Running Creek tri's to maturity and
>> am about to cull a few of the poorer specimens. Three of the fish
>> have abnormal throats, they look just like African cichlids with a
>> mouthful of eggs/fry, is this a genetic deformity, or is it an
>> environmental effect?
>Only way to tell is to breed the deformed fish and see what the
>offspring are like. Unfortunately no one ever tries this, everyone just
>calls it genetic when often as not I feel most of it is likely
>environmental. Why don't you breed them, see what you get and write an
>ariticle on it? :-)
>Peter Unmack

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