[RML] Gobies and Gudgeons and 'Bows (Oh my!)

jazep at www.peter.unmack.net
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 19:29:17 -0700 (MST)

Hi all

This is just a note to those who are attending the convention that I have
some fishies for sale and will be more than willing to deliver them to SF.

Those baby Moggies that I have been raising up are now, I think, ready to
begin finding new homes. In case y'all forgot, these guys are Mogurnda
pulchra, from New Guinea (by way of Wim Heemskirk), and there are not many
in the US yet. I would like to spread them around so that they will *stay*
in the country. I will be putting a couple of bags of them in the auction,
but would like to offer the rest of those I am selling off to you all on
the list. Haven't quite settled on a price yet, but I shall ask a couple
of the "experts" and get back to you. Don't want to make them so cheap
that I screw myself, but don't want to be a jerk and charge too much
either. ;) Please let me know PRIVATELY if you are interested in buying
any of these kids, or if you want more info on them. :)

I also have some Peacock Gudgeons for sale, as well as a couple of bags
for the auction. They are young, sexable fish, and I will be willing to
sell pairs or trios, if I can. Again, price still up in the air.

Lastly, I have some Coward Springs Desert Gobies. I will have a few pairs
available if anyone is interested.

As for the "'Bows" part, I will be bringing a number of them to the
auction, so be on the look out. ;) I am sure there will be PLENTY of nice
fish to chose from. And plants, too. Don't forget that rainbows look
awesome in planted tanks. Mine do. <g>

At this point, I do not think I will be able to do any shipping, so only
plan on delivering fishies to the convention. This may change, but it is
where I am at right now. :)

Again, I welcome any questions or inquiries, but please be kind to the
rest of the list members and blip me *privately*.

Julie <><