Re: [RML] Sexing desert gobies

Andrew.Boyd at
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 10:20:30 +1000

My 2 cents worth: I think that the subdominant males suppress colour,
giving every appearance of being male, rather than changing sex.

To test this, I would set up several groups of DGs, of at least 5 fish,
removing the dominant males from each group as they appear. Eventually you
will either end up with all females, or a lot of pairs

I am not sure of the size of the sample groups needed to validate this,
but a large enough sample should give those interested some idea. And
anything to do with the keeping of large numbers of Desert Gobies (AKA The
Fish They Breed In Heaven) can't be too bad. :)

Regards, Andrew Boyd

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Subject: Re[3]: [RML] Sexing desert gobies
Author: Helen.Larson at at INTERNET-MAIL
Date: 11/8/97 8:59 AM

Bruce, my question is the same as Harro's. Change functionally or just
colour? No goby in the desert gobies' subfamily is known to change sex. So
Far. "True" gobies can change from female to male.

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Subject: RE: Re: [RML] Sexing desert gobies
Author: rainbowfish-owner at at SMTP
Date: 8/11/97 4:23 AM

Bruce wrote:

>DG's can change sex too - but I have only seen females change
to males
and >not vice versa.

Do you mean this biologically or just regarding colour? Have
you ever
had a spawning female which later turned into a male with 100% guarantee?