Re[3]: [RML] Sexing desert gobies

Helen.Larson at
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 08:59:28 +0930

Bruce, my question is the same as Harro's. Change functionally or just colour?
No goby in the desert gobies' subfamily is known to change sex. So Far. "True"
gobies can change from female to male.

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Subject: RE: Re: [RML] Sexing desert gobies
Author: rainbowfish-owner at at SMTP
Date: 8/11/97 4:23 AM

Bruce wrote:

>DG's can change sex too - but I have only seen females change to males
and >not vice versa.

Do you mean this biologically or just regarding colour? Have you ever
had a spawning female which later turned into a male with 100%