[RML] Sexing desert gobies

John Grylls (jgrylls at bendigo.net.au)
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 10:49:10 GMT

Hello all,
I have recently purchased a nominal pair of Coward Springs desert
gobies, the "male" is about 40-45 mm in length, and the "female" is
5-10 mm shorter. They quite are similar in appearance and behaviour,
sparring and displaying on occasions.. The larger fish has a slightly
more yellow head, and I think that I can convince myself that his head
is flatter and proportionately larger, but there is not much in it.
Their differences could be explained by sex, but I suspect it could
also be explained by differing levels of maturity. Neither fish is
sufficiently mature for genital papilla differences to be apparent.
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
John Grylls