[RML] M. praecox

Bjorn Straube (straube at digital.net)
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 23:19:39 -0400

Hi all!
I recently today lost the dominent male from a small group of
M.praecox that I have in a 30 gal plant tank. A few days ago I noticed
that he was bloated. I did not realize it until yesterday that he was
not doing well. This is my first time keeping 'bows and I thought that
he was just "growing up", that is he was getting more of an adult
"bulldog" shape that I associate with rainbowfish. He was, toward the
end, breathing heavily and gulping air sporadicly. When swiming slowly
he had a head up attitude like he had a slightly negative bouyancy but
would swim normaly when "going somewhere". He ate fine and even
displayed like normal. Unfortunatly another male is showing slight
symptoms now, but that may be my imagination. None of the females are
affected. I really like these guys and would hate to lose any more
especialy now that they are coloring up so nice.


Bjorn Straube
straube at digital.net