Re: [RML] M.exquisita and Ps. conniae

Helen.Larson at
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 14:38:35 +0930

Waterfall Creek "M. exquisita" are possibly a separate species. I've
only seen Gunther Schmida's slides. The live fish are in a National
Park and in various aquarists' aquariums. Anybody want to donate some
dead ones to NTM?


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Subject: [RML] M.exquisita and Ps. conniae
Author: rainbowfish-owner at at SMTP
Date: 8/6/97 10:56 AM

Hi folks
Could someone fill me in on the relationship and geographic
origins of M.exquisita Edith Falls and Waterfall Creek?
Could anyone offer any tips for keeping Ps. conniae happy?

Chris Howe