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Nick Thorne (nick at
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 14:35:43 +1000

Meryl Jury wrote:

> Thanks for the invite to the hatchery, Nick. I only wish I could
> come and visit.
> I know the kids would love it but unfortunately my budget does not
> run to a trip to Aussie to see a fish hatchery.
> (I can just imagine my husband's reaction - he hates tropical fish
!!!!!! )
> :-)

Most unreasonable. Its only just over the pond, you know!

Of course, trout cod aren't tropical, so... ;-)

> Hopefully if you get a group interested someone will take some photos
> and provide an interesting article
> so we can all learn more about what goes on.

Will do.

In the mean time there is a page on our web site with some B&W
pix and a description of our activities there, but I am hoping to
substantially upgrade this page after this year's breeding program.
The page is at



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