Re: [RML] UV sterilizers

Bjorn Straube (straube at
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 17:22:33 -0400

Hi all,
I was just about to ask about use of quarentine tanks when Bruce
brought up the subcect. I'm not concerned about infecting other fish in
a quarentine tank, but what about keeping the pathogens down in a
quarentine tank down before and when we quarentine fish. Let's face it
puting a fish in a bag and transporting it for who know how long has got
to stress a fish. If we can keep bacteria etc. down to a mild roar to
begin with won't that help facilitate the survival of the new fish until
it can fight of disease better on it's own? On a related topic, how
will UV affect medication? I would imagine that antibiotics in
particular would be affected? Any thoughts?


Bruce Hansen wrote:


> Perhaps there is a place for a UV sterilizer in a quarantine tank setup but
> then you already have the fish in a situation where they cannot infect your
> others ;-)
> Cheers
> Bruce Hansen