Re: SPAM (was [RML] Rainbows and Diet)

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 19:09:51 +1000

It won't be the same ever again - but I suspect it had stopped being fun
for you some time back.
FWIW I think Doug's remark was very much "tongue in cheek" (although it may
not have come across that way)

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> From: Andrew Boyd <frex at>
> To: Bruce Hansen <bhansen at>
> Subject: Re: SPAM (was [RML] Rainbows and Diet)
> Date: Monday, 18 August 1997 17:40
> At 08:11 18/08/97 +1000, you wrote:
> >G'day Andrew
> >
> >My apologies for an inadvertent part in the current difficulty.
> No problem, Bruce, Doug is just throwing his weight around where he has
> none at all. It is his nature, so I am told.
> I am better off out of it anyway.
> Thank you for the encouragement you have shown to the list and me
> personally throughout the last 18 months.
> Regards, Andrew
> Andrew Boyd - frex at
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