Re: SPAM (was [RML] Rainbows and Diet)

Andrew Boyd (frex at
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 21:43:59 +1000

At 11:30 17/08/97 +1000, Doug wrote:
>Andrew and all,
>I hadn't read the RML for a few days, being otherwise busy, and on wading
>through the 100+ messages found I was being verbally assaulted from
>Canberra !

Doug, I made an off the cuff smartass remark... if you want to take it as
an insult, fine. My present financial circumstances make it highly
unlikely that I will ever be standing between you and Alex and any other
present or past national committee members, and if I was it would not be me
who needed to be careful. Your threats fail to impress.

If you (or anyone else) doesn't like what I have to say, and can't say it
privately, then you can kiss my ass.

I was wondering where I could get the 50 bucks to rejoin the PC users group
so as to keep my moderaptorship going and host the webpage archives. That
is one responsibility I feel I can now legitimately dispense with.

Whoever takes over the archive job can email me at this address, and I will
forward the archive files to them.

Regards, Andrew Boyd
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