[RML] IRC #rml

Merlin (merlin at macrae.com.au)
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 16:17:49 +1000

good news guys, I am currently on line with #rml and have an observer
present. We may get #rml registered real soon.

Now the new address is au.undernet.org:6667

type /join #rml

That will connect you.

Note it is not aussie.AUSTnet.org or usa.AUSTnet.org either.

Other than that nothing has changed. ie we still meet at the same time.

Please write the new addy down or log it in now so as no future problems.
If you dont understand this p[lease email me.

merlin at mail.macrae.com.au

< watch for a change of address to my webpages soon! >