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Sun, 17 Aug 1997 11:51:37 +1000

If you call what Andrew said as being verbal assault from Canberra, then you
ain't seen nuttin yet!!!


At 11:30 AM 17-08-97 +1000, you wrote:
>Andrew and all,
>I hadn't read the RML for a few days, being otherwise busy, and on wading
>through the 100+ messages found I was being verbally assaulted from
>Canberra !
>For the benefit of those on the list who might wonder what Alex and I had
>done to warrant such comment, a bit of explanation.
>The original Alex/Doug comparison goes back to about 93/94, when I was
>doing some deliberate stirring at an ANGFA Queensland committee meeting. We
>had the usual committee situation with a handful of us doing the work, and
>others talking the business and making promises at meetings, with no actual
>There was a visitor from ANGFA Victoria sitting in on the meeting, who at
>the end of the meeting commented that it was good to see ANGFA Queensland
>had its own Alex Caughey to stir things up a bit.
>So in that context I wasn't greatly insulted by Bruce's original comment.
>However Andrew, on sober reflection by yourself, thinking from the points
>of view of both Alex and I, your comment could be seen to be somewhat
>unflattering to both of us. It might be prudent therefore to avoid
>situations where you find yourself standing between Alex and I at future
>The original reference was an " In-house " joke, that Bruce by now realises
>should probably have stayed in-house. This is particularly so in the light
>of events
>and committee politics in ANGFA in recent years, which could lead to very
>different interpretations of the reference being put on it by people with
>differing points of view.
>Alex is not on the RML, but I'm sure he would join me in saying that we
>should allow the Alex/Doug comparison to drift into forgotten in-house
>committee history, as it can nowadays be interpreted, as in this case, in a
>way unflattering to both of us, and unfortunately has the potential to
>unnecessarily stir the pot.
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>> Subject: SPAM (was [RML] Rainbows and Diet)
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>> At the ANGFA(Q) meeting last night, which by the way was a beauty, Doug
>> Collom (Queensland's answer to Alex Caughey)
>> If I was either gent I think I'd be insulted :P :)
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