Roy Hunter (roy at angfa.org)
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 17:16:56 -0600

Hello list members

I got bored today and started goofing around with the domain and I added
about 25 or so new photo's. Some of which I have never seen published
before. Have a look at the CATO RIVER TRIFASCIATA (To make it easy..
www.angfa.org/cato.jpg) This is the newest trifasciata to hit the hobby and
I think it will make any good Goyder look bad. I brought a dozen home with
me this last trip so I hope to make them available later this year. I have
also updated the fish and egg listing for the North American members and
there are a lot of good things available for the first time. I have a good
listing of things from this last trip. I will be adding a volume list to
the index soon so you will be able to match the pages with the issue they
are in to make it easier if you need to get a back issue and so on. Also
each regional group is represented in the Domain now with the exception of
South Australia (they must be in their own world down there :-) ) And some
of those sites are FANTASTIC!

Adrian Tappin has uploaded his site to the Domain now and is a lot faster
loading for all of us in the states. He also added a few nifties for us too
so have a look at that as well.

Someday I hope to add Barry's trifasciata page to the Domain but I dont
know if it is done yet. Lets Bug Barry and see if he will let us put it in
the Domain and finish it if he hasn't yet :-)

Anyway the Domain is for the members and those who pass by. I hope you
enjoy it and if there is anything you want to see in it let me know.


Roy Hunter
ANGFA of North America
visit the ANGFA website at:
reach me at:
roy at angfa.org