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What you need to remember about Mead is that honey, while high in sugar, is
low in other essential yeast nutrients.

I emailed someone on this list the other day from work (he has probably
canned the info) with stuff from the home brew digest on meadmaking that
addressed just this issue. If the gent concerned *hasn't* canned that
info, then he could possibly send it to the list. :)

Regards, Andrew

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We kinda cheated. I think it was something like this (was about 6 years
ago I will double check) Dillute the honey by about 1:6 in clean water (May
need to boil to remove any other unwanted microbs). Let it cool and add
yeast and yeast nutrients (see a homebrew person, get champagne yeast it
will tolerate a higher alcohol content before pooping out). I am not sure
of the dillution for the yeast and nutrients, use the homebrew suggestions.
Place it into a large glass bottle with a small neck (wine by the gallon,
etc) then place a ballon with a small hole (pin prick) on the mouth of the
bottle. It should ferment over about a week or two. It is almost done
when it stpops bubbling. You will then need to let it settle and decant of
the upper liquid and leave the yeast cells/crud on the bottem behind.
Bottle and let sit for about a year or so in a cool place. (The entomology
preproom was always nice and cold to help prevent mold on the specimens ;-)

I will double check proportions. Important thing is keep everything nice
and clean and get good yeast.


>Wow do you still have a recipe? I've always wanted to try mead.
>On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Mach Fukada <tuhoitc at> wrote: >>Wow 12%
alcohol. We would get about that concentration when we made our >>own mead
at college in a beekeeping class. Believe me it would give the >>average
person a BUZZ.
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