Frex (frex at macrae.com.au)
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 10:40:34 +1000

At 06:31 AM 8/14/97 +1000, Dr Bruce wrote:
>Now I know the origin of that old medical question, "What ales you?"

Puns are universal... the moderator/janitor of the Home Brew Digest always
starts his postings with "Beerlings, lend me your beers"... the favourite
tagline at the moment seems to be "Life is Short - Grain is Cheap - Just
Brew It!".

And too many ales? That is an Alement :)

And not enough? In-ale-ienable :)

Naturally enough, beer in moderation is good for what ales you ;)

Redback Bitter? If she drinks enough, it could have that effect :)

Enough for now :)

Regards, Andrew
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