[RML] Fw: Empire Goby Availability in UK

Frex (frex at macrae.com.au)
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 21:27:21 +1000

Original message from philip.clements1 at virgin.net follows. If anyone can
help him, please reply direct.

Regards, Andrew Boyd

>>From bin Sat Aug 9 22:29:21 1997
>From: "Jason Salmon" <googly at mindless.com>
>To: "Alan Ford" <merlin at macrae.com.au>, "Andrew Boyd" <frex at macrae.com.au>
>Subject: Fw: Empire Goby Availability in UK
>Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 22:33:03 +1000
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>Hi guys,
>This fella emailed me asking about the Empire 'Goby', i think he means
>Empire Gudgeon ;)
>Anyway, i think that you two would know a lot more about who has what and
>So if you know of anyone that can help him, please reply to him or me
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>> From: P.Clements. <"philip.clements1 at virgin.net" at virgin.net>
>> To: googly at mindless.com
>> Subject: Empire Goby Availability in UK
>> Date: Saturday, 9 August 1997 6:43
>> Hi!. I wonder if you can help me.
>> I have been keeping Austrailian species fish for 8 years but the one
>> fish that I would like to keep is the Empire Goby (Hypseleotris
>> Compressa.
>> Your web page is excellent and is a credit to you.
>> Could you give me any contacts in the UK or Europe where I can obtain
>> these impressive gobies.
>> Please reply to my E Mail address.
>> philip.clements1 at virgin.net
>> Hope you can help.
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