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We kinda cheated. I think it was something like this (was about 6 years
ago I will double check) Dillute the honey by about 1:6 in clean water (May
need to boil to remove any other unwanted microbs). Let it cool and add
yeast and yeast nutrients (see a homebrew person, get champagne yeast it
will tolerate a higher alcohol content before pooping out). I am not sure
of the dillution for the yeast and nutrients, use the homebrew suggestions.
Place it into a large glass bottle with a small neck (wine by the gallon,
etc) then place a ballon with a small hole (pin prick) on the mouth of the
bottle. It should ferment over about a week or two. It is almost done
when it stpops bubbling. You will then need to let it settle and decant of
the upper liquid and leave the yeast cells/crud on the bottem behind.
Bottle and let sit for about a year or so in a cool place. (The entomology
preproom was always nice and cold to help prevent mold on the specimens ;-)

I will double check proportions. Important thing is keep everything nice
and clean and get good yeast.


>Wow do you still have a recipe? I've always wanted to try mead.
>On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Mach Fukada <tuhoitc at> wrote:
>>Wow 12% alcohol. We would get about that concentration when we made our
>>own mead at college in a beekeeping class. Believe me it would give the
>>average person a BUZZ.
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