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Merlin (merlin at macrae.com.au)
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 15:19:38 +1000

I agree with Andrew on this one, if you want archives I suggest you do them.

I personally believe those that want the archives could very easily keep
their own, and perhaps share em with any newbies that request them. I
understand that people don't keep archives 'cos they are busy, but let me
say, if it is important then you make time. If you cant make time then it's
not too important.

I will never keep archives and take my hat off to those that do.

Go for it Rod, you certainly have my blessing <g>

Maybe Roy would like to assist? :)


At 05:04 PM 12-08-97 +1000, Andrew wrote:

>G'Day Rod (And Al, Barry and Bruce) :)
>It sounds like a great idea in principle, I should be grateful for
>technical details on how you were going to implement the search engine.
>I for one, (speaking in my official capacity as RML Archivist) would love
>to see the information in the archives becoming more accessible, the only
>problem being one of time and money. The whizzbang commercial Java search
>engines with full text retrieval seem to start at the USD $500 mark and get
>worse from there.
>The RML archive lives on my PCUG serverspace, it is one of the primary
>reasons I retain the PCUG account, they allocate 10 megabytes to members.
>It is OK with me if you wanted to take the whole archiving process over, it
>would save me several hours work every month, and at this I only make the
>minimum necessary effort. It could become a whole lot more, with a bit of
>enthusiasm and coding.
>I have repeated this message to myself at home, frex at macrae.com.au - which
>is preferred to my work address although it is fine as well.
>Regards, Andrew Boyd
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>Subject: Assistance to the Web Page
>Author: s332114 at student.uq.edu.au at INTERNET-MAIL
>Date: 13/8/97 8:11 AM
>Hi Andrew,
>This message comes from Rod Pick ( I use my daughters account when its free
>- $ and time)
>I was wondering if I (and others perhaps) may be of assistance in adding
>some information to the RML that could be gleaned from the archives, or
>from current topics/debates. The idea here is to assist new subscribers or
>visitors in quickly following through on a particular topic. And if any
>new angle or information came to light, then adding this so that it would
> all be in one place - a neat bundle if you like.
>Bruce and others have been mentioning it a few times and I think that some
>of us could do the leg work in preparation for addition/reference to the
>RML Home page - if you agree.
>Bruce's comment (edited) was " The general principle I had in mind was an
>alphabetically based search format with the responses (minus the SPAM) to
>each topic grouped together so that they could be updated from time to time
>as most topics of real importance seem to recur. Newer members of the
>list could then be referred to the previous correspondence without the
>regulars having to get exasperated by feeling that the same
> q's are being asked over and over again and newcomers won't feel slighted
>by lack of response. Also the various threads would then be an easily
>accessed source of info for Bulletins and Newsletters etc ."
>I am mindful of yours and Allan's efforts to keep this Web Page alive, and
> I am aware of the praise and compliments showered
>on you and Allan in a difficult time at the start of the year. I would not
> in any way want to compromise your position and
>only offer an initiative hopefully to support and improve what you have
>achieved so far.
>It has been mentioned before that you and Allan see archives as a problem.
> I am guessing here in that it may be because of
>the time element or perhaps that RML was never intentended to enter into
>this arena. (apart from the whingers). I do not want to re-open that issue
>and would prefer a simple NO WAY - SUBJECT CLOSED if thats what you
>believe is best.
>If you did see some merit, and perhaps to test the water, some additional
>items similar to the importation, calcium etc may be more beneficial for
>time expended. I have done a number of these for the Queensland ANGFA
>Newsletter and they seem to have
> been relatively successful. Some editoral license would be exercised to
>remove 'spam' and off topic side issues etc and this would be stated at the
>start of each topic.
>So I guess in summary to you and Allan :
>* your increased workload should be miniminal (hopefully
>* I was hoping that all that may be needed would be a "clip" in of the
>topic or update to an iexisting one on the Home Page * others do the
>preparation - perhaps there could be an "editors" name who should be
>contacted by others if needed (not RML
>* a valuable collated resource
>* it should prove beneficial to newcomers and old hands alike * removes the
>frustration of having to go over old issues * initiative is to support RML
>- not to change the way it
>Could you and Allan advise if you think there is something worthwhile in
>this and worthy of persuing.
>Rod Pick
>(PS I hope Allan's address is correct - it came off an old
>message - so I had two goes)
merlin at mail.macrae.com.au

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