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Mach Fukada (tuhoitc at
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 15:47:12 -1000

Wow 12% alcohol. We would get about that concentration when we made our
own mead at college in a beekeeping class. Believe me it would give the
average person a BUZZ.


>>A beer I am interested in trying is the infamous Fulminator Eisbock -
>>apparently not available in Australia. Have you tried it?
>No, not that particular one. All beer names ending with -ator are brewed
>very strong. It are Bavarian beers
>from chiefly Munich and only brewed at certain times of the year (normally
>the time before easter where
>you aren't allowed to eat meat if you are very religious). There may be
>about 100 of them.
>Eisbock means that the beer is very very strong, maybe 10-12 vol %
>alcohole. Normally the -ator beers are
>brewed as Bockbier which means about 7% alcohole.
>Harro (you see, beer is one of my hobbies, too).

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