Re[5]: [RML] I'm back/SPAM

Andrew.Boyd at
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 10:09:21 +1000

Hello Harro (and all other RML beerhounds) :)

I am an old friend to strong beers, Harro. I make a Dark Ale that runs to
a little over 8 percent alcahol per volume :)

Are there any Bocks that you find particularly nice?

Regards, Andrew

A reminder: anyone that doesn't want to know about beer on a fishkeeper's
list: set those killfiles/mail filters to redirect all mail with the word
"SPAM" in the title to your trashcan.

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Subject: RE: Re[3]: [RML] I'm back/SPAM
Author: Harro.Hieronimus at at INTERNET-MAIL
Date: 12/8/97 10:52 AM

>A beer I am interested in trying is the infamous Fulminator Eisbock -
>apparently not available in Australia. Have you tried it?

No, not that particular one. All beer names ending with -ator are brewed
very strong. It are Bavarian beers from chiefly Munich and only brewed at
certain times of the year (normally the time before easter where you aren't
allowed to eat meat if you are very religious). There may be about 100 of

Eisbock means that the beer is very very strong, maybe 10-12 vol %
alcohole. Normally the -ator beers are brewed as Bockbier which means about
7% alcohole.

Harro (you see, beer is one of my hobbies, too).