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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 08:08:34 +1000


Roy is off beer now - he is into green Ginger Wine. He even has his own
favourite cocktails of it. He has been known to add such common kitchen
condiments as soy sauce ( and he had the gall to comment on Vegemite).
However Roy never does things by half - if he makes one of these
concoctions he does it in the bottle. That way he can leave some behind for
his friends to unwittingly to share ;-)

What a guy!

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> From: Harro Hieronimus <Harro.Hieronimus at>
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> Subject: RE: Re: [RML] I'm back/SPAM
> Date: Monday, 11 August 1997 5:00
> Roy,
> how many decades have passed since you have been in Germany? There may be
a Stuttgarter Hofbraeu,
> however, this is none of the favourite German beers, like Krombacher is,
at least for a lager.