Re: [RML] advice on moving! please!

rhondawi at
Sat, 9 Aug 1997 07:29:49 -0700

I think with such large tanks it may be hard to move them without tear down.
I did move a bunch of small tanks in my car from Montana to Arizona about 9
years ago. And I moved about 20 tanks across town a couple years ago. The
thing with the larger tanks is they are just so heavy. I would try getting a
couple smaller tanks, or maybe use styrofoam coolers or boxes, put your fish
and plants in those and move the tanks seperatly. With smaller tanks, 20 and
under it's easy to just drain most of the water and move the tank as is, but
I think with the size of your tanks trying to move them full is just asking
for trouble. I moved a 55 maybe 5 feet in my fishroom drained down with the
help of my husband a few months ago and that was almost impossible, moving
it out of the house that way, I just think wouldn't go very well. I would
try to keep the gravel damp though, maybe put it in covered plastic buckets.