Re: [RML] advice on moving! please!

Burton M. Strauss III (bstrauss at
Sat, 09 Aug 1997 07:35:21 -0500

I recently moved 1100 miles, so moving loaded tanks wasn't really an
option. I did a complete teardown and stocked up new. It hurt but it
was the best choice.

If you have access to old & new for some overlap, I would recommend
getting some tanks up with seasoned water at the new place. Then bag
the fish and transfer them just like they were new aquisitions -- float
the bags, equalize the temperatures, introduce new tank water

If you are setting up new, I will pass along some advice I accidentally
discovered to speed through the Nitrogen cycle.

1. Take a couple of cups of old, bacteria rich gravel and mix it into
the filter bed. I've litterally had tanks go from new to seasoned in 24
hours with NO spikes!

2. If you need to totally tear down a working tank, this worked for
me: Take out all of the gravel and lightly rinse it. These were mature
tanks with a lot of mulm in the gravel bed, although I do do tank
maintenance and vac out the worst of it... Let it dry over night in
layers on newspaper - till it's DAMP, not dry. Put the gravel into
plastic bags (I used the 8 gallon translucent blue recycling bags and
put 6 or 8 pounds in each (can you tell I'm an American or what?).
Evacuate most of the air (but don't be fanatic about that) and tie the
bags shut.

I moved in Feb here in the US (winter). However, ONE bag I prepared
like this wasn't used until June when the temps had gotten quite warm
and it was still full of live bacteria.

Go figure...


Good luck.