Re: [RML] advice on moving! please!

Jim Priest (cat at
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 23:24:51 -0600

I too am moving. I was planning to move my tanks last so I could
determine exactly where I want them in the new place. My 70s is already
empty so I'm not worried about it; but, my 75 is running.

I was planning to empty the water to the gravel line, leaving the plants
in place, and lifting the tank onto a piano dolly lookin' thing. I
figure 250 lbs. or so. I plan to roll it out the door and down the
sidewalk to my new place. I think the use of ramps will get me out/in
my doors, and imagine this would work to put the tanks in a truck, as
well. I will then move my 30s the same way.

My tanks are very sturdy, and I think they will tolerate this move; but,
if your tanks aren't very sturdy, I would think twice about moving them
with gravel and water.

I admit my idea is only theory, as I have never moved any of my larger
tanks before. I do know that I have moved several small, cheap O'Dell
tanks with gravel and some water, and all sprank leaks.

Good Luck