Re: [RML] Sexing desert gobies

John Grylls (jgrylls at
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 23:11:07 GMT

Hi Barry,

>At 40-45mm the male should have coloured up. If they are happy with the
>tank conditions the male should show obvious gold colour in the body and at
>least a trace of blue at the base of the first dorsal. I have found that in
>a community there will be one dominant male and the others will remain
>subserviant - however they will still show a pale blue in the dorsal. Mine
>show that colour from about 25mm on. My females always have that mottled
>appearance and never have colour in the dorsal.
Both fish show what I would describe as strong colour in both dorsals
and anal fin, so seem to be males.

Thank you,
John Grylls