Re: [RML] Rainbows and Diet

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Sat, 9 Aug 1997 08:45:46 +1000

At the ANGFA(Q) meeting last night, which by the way was a beauty, Doug
Collom (Queensland's answer to Alex Caughey) gave us a great talk on
feeding fish and gave us a lot to think about as well as a few laughs and a
few additions to our vocabulary - including an injunction not to
anthropomorphise when considering the diet of our fishes.

One of the most telling aspects was that of temperature, and the effects
that has on the speed of digestion for each species. Another was the water
content of foods - most of our prepared foods are highly concentrated (and
dessicated). hopefully there will be a "Reader's Digest Condensed Book"
version available later in one of ythe club publications :-)

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> From: Adrian R. Tappin <atappin at>
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> Subject: Re: [RML] Rainbows and Diet
> Date: Friday, 8 August 1997 14:01
> At 11:23 7/08/97 -0700, Rhonda wrote:
> I remember some years back reading about the importance of chitin
> (exoskeletons) in the diet of fishes. It was in a book on fish nutrition
> that I borrowed from the QUT University, but I cant remember the title.
> Anyway, that is one of the reasons I leave the outer shell on prawns when
> fed them to my fish. I just mince them all up.I believe that they
> in the manner you stated above and are an important supplement.
> Adrian.