[RML] Rainbows and Diet

rhondawi at sprynet.com
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:23:34 -0700

I know we banter this topic around quite a bit but I've had this nagging
idea in the back of my mind for quite some time and I wondered what you all
thought of it.

This is probably a hair brained idea but here goes. It seems that it's been
pretty well established that a major part of rainbow diet in the wild
consists of insects.

I was noticing, a while back, that when I feed a lot of mosquito larva to
fish they often seem to come out after being eaten about the same looking as
they went in. I figured the exoskeletons on insects are probably not very
digestable. But that got me to thinking that insects do have exoskeletons
and that a fish that was used to eating lots of insects would be set up to
deal with this in some way, or maybe even use them in some way. I don't
really know if what I'm saying has any relevance at all. However it seems
that it may be worth looking at.

It seems that the fish may utilize this part of their diet in some way and
it's something that they really wouldn't get in an aquarium, even if they
are getting the other nutrients that may be found in an insect. Could they
be getting something out of the exoskeleton, perhaps this is why there are
often troubles with crooked fish and lack of fin developement that prompts
many to add calcium type blocks. I also was wondering if somehow they could
aid in digestion, kind of like fiber for people.

Anyway this may just be a stupid idea but since I can't seem to stop
thinking about it I thought I would bring it up and see what everyone
thought and if there may be some merit in it.


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