Re: [RML] Sick fish

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 23:11:00 +1000


Do you have access to a vet or someone who can do a slime smear and
microscope examination? I am only guessing but I think both parasitic and
bacterial diseases can present like this. These are rare fish and my
suggestion is to set the temperature at 25 C or thereabouts, and treat with
either flagyl or chloramphenicol if a positive diagnosis is not available.
Do you have any water parameter readings from their habitat? Sometimes
water that is too alkaline can give this appearance too and perhaps some
"Black Water Tonic" would be helpful. In my experience Goyders are the only
Tri that regularly are found in water of pH higher than 6.5. The other
thing they seem to like is flow,

Please let us know how you go. Good luck.BTW do you have any females
amongst yours? I only know of 2 other people that have Yirkala tris and the
both only have males. They are spectacular fish and are more reminiscent of

M. oktediensis from PNG than any other tri that I have seen.

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> From: John Grylls <jgrylls at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] Sick fish
> Date: Thursday, 7 August 1997 18:10
> Hello All,
> Help! ! two weeks ago I obtained some Yirrkala Tri's but managed to
> cold stress them on the way home. The fish looked uncomfortable for a
> few days and then I noticed that they had ich.
> I treated the ich with one of those malachite green and methylene
> blue cures at the reccomended dose, and then followed up with an
> additional half dose four days later. All seemed well, but now one of
> the fish has a milky film from its head to its first dorsal fin. I
> have seen this disease before, but I don't know what is is.
> I would be most appreciative if someone could diagnose the disease and
> suggest treatment.
> Regards
> John Grylls