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Thu, 7 Aug 1997 08:28:07 +1000

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> Subject: [RML] M.exquisita and Ps. conniae
> Date: Wednesday, 6 August 1997 10:44
> Hi folks
> Could someone fill me in on the relationship and geographic
> of M.exquisita Edith Falls and Waterfall Creek?

The fish we know as "Waterfall Creek ?Exquisita" apparently come from above
the UDP falls in the Kakadu National Park and specimens arrived in the
hobby somewhat circuitously from a fairly small sample of genetic material.
I understand that permission to collect significant numbers for whatever
purpose is quite difficult (perhaps read almost impossible) to get. Thus
their drainage origin is the South Alligator system.

On the other hand I think that Edith Falls is part of the Katherine system
that eventually empties into the Daly.

Although both fish are from the usual escarpment type of habitat that we
expect for Exquisita they look very different. What is even more
interesting to me is that the Exquisita from Kambalgi creek, another part
of the SA system (and not very far from WF creek) are morphologically
typical exquisita, although well coloured and marked, and not obviously
different from those from Edith Ck

There are several little creeks outside the NP that also contain Exquisita
(all of which have fish of some variability) and one form that I remember
was from Big Nelly Creek. These were somewhat dull in colour but the body
shape was very different - more cylindrical (almost like a stocky
hardyhead) whereas the WFC form is wider and flatter in the body as well as
being very different in colour

While we are on exquisita - on our recent trip to the Kimberley we found
some exquisita in Bindoola creek which empties directly into Cambridge Gulf
and is below the jumpup. Not the usual expected situation.