Re: [RML] M.exquisita and Ps. conniae

Mach Fukada (tuhoitc at
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 16:39:30 -1000

I have Ps. conniae. I managed to get two pairs and now I have a
bunch of 1/2 - 3/4 inch fry. I have been using 160 ppm total hardness
(mostly Ca) and a pH of about 7.8 +. I have noticed that the addition of
Tetra's black water extract (which doesn't change the pH, too well
buffered) enhances colors. I have been feeding them mostly baby brine,
some flakes, grindal worms. they don't seem to care for mosquito larvae
(maybe they don't know what it is). I have noticed that they do spawn in
gravel (makes it hard to collect eggs, best to use a bare tank with Java
>Hi folks
> Could someone fill me in on the relationship and geographic origins
>of M.exquisita Edith Falls and Waterfall Creek?
> Could anyone offer any tips for keeping Ps. conniae happy?
>Chris Howe

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