[RML] Native Fish Hatchery

Nick Thorne (nick at nativefish.asn.au)
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 09:40:52 +1000

G'day all,

It occurs to me that some of the people on this list might be
interested in visiting the Native Fish Australia hatchery. We are now
in the work up phase for the 1997 trout cod breeding program. We
expect to conduct our spawning in the first couple of weeks of October.

Would anyone be interested in an organised visit? It would be best on
a weekend, as we do not wish to overly disturb the photo period in the
lead up to the spawning season. The hatchery is at the LaTrobe
University Bundoora campus (Melbourne). Any one interested, just let
me know.

If we do this, the other thing is when. It is probably most
interesting when we have eggs, and/or larvae in the hatchery. Since
the larvae are transferred to Snob's Creek shortly after hatching, this
being the best time to move them, we would then have only a short
window of opportunity. However, we can visit any other time if people

Any takers?



Nick Thorne nick at nativefish.asn.au

Native Fish Australia