RE: Re: [RML] Planted Tanks

Harro Hieronimus (Harro.Hieronimus at
Tue, 5 Aug 97 22:45 +0100

Don't forget that plant nutrition and plant growth does not depend from CO2 or iron or phosphate or
light or .... but from a sufficient mix of all. If you blow air into the water by a filter or a membraneous
pump, you also add CO2. If you then add iron and maybe other spur elements (and of course lots of light)
this may be sufficient for a normal plant growth. If you want to have a strong plant growth it's useless just
to take CO2, you also have to add iron and phosphate (which normally is produced by the fish in sufficient
amounts) and all the other things. The only success is that the plants grow faster and won't survive if you
take them to another tank where they don't get CO2 and all the other concentrated nutrition.