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Tue, 5 Aug 1997 07:42:21 +1000

G'day Nick,

Welcome to the fray :-) Good to see another organisation represented on the
RML. I must point out that the RML isn't an ANGFA list but owned and run by
two guys in Canberra (Alan - "Merlin" and Andrew - "Frex") who
coincidentally are ANGFA members. The ANGFA flavour comes through 'cause
most of us (active members) on the list tend to be members of that


Barry Meiklejohn

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Date: Monday, 4 August 1997 22:01
Subject: [RML] Introduction

>Hi everyone,
>I have just subscribed to this list, so I thought I might introduce
>myself before settling in for a nice little lurk as I get a feel for
>the lay of the land here.
>I became interested in native fish as a result of keeping a few
>rainbowfish in my son's aquarium. I had never seen such fish before
>that and didn't think that Australia had any tropical fish to speak of.
> Oh how wrong I was!
>Since then I have discovered that I feel very passionate about all our
>wonderful fish. At the moment, I do not have any aquariums as I am
>between permanent homes. However, I have a few rainbowfish (M.
>fluviatilis) at a friends house and a golden perch at another NFA
>member's place. At various times I have also kept Murray cod, trout
>cod (one of NFA's brood stock, when we were between hatcheries)
>southern blue eyes, honey blue eyes and various rainbowfish,
>M.trifasciata, M.inornata, M.splendida. I'm sure that this is not all,
>but I can't remember more right now and my records are all packed away.
>As well as my interest in aquarium fish, I am also an angler and quite
>by accident I came across Native Fish Australia of which I am now
>an active member. NFA is a volunteer organisation for those interested
>in the well being of Australian freshwater native fish. Unlike ANGFA,
>we tend to concentrate on the larger fish, although we have an interest
>in all species. We try to avoid duplication with ANGFA's areas of
>interest as there is only so much resource to go around and it is not
>sensible to waste what little there is.
>I am the webmaster at the NFA web site at
>and I invite anyone who is interested to visit the site.
>Anyway, Cheers for now,
>Nick Thorne nick at
>Native Fish Australia