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Sat, 2 Aug 1997 09:15:41 -0700 (MST)


I agree w/ Rhonda re the use of CO2 -- I don't bother w/ it. I do
occaisionally use an iron additive, but that is because I have a couple of
plants that show signs of iron defiency, namely some jungle val in one
tank and some Crinum in another. When they start to lose their green, I
add a small amount of the additive. I do not add the total dose, and I let
the plants tell me when. :) This seems to wrk well for me. The tank I
maintain at work gets very bad beard algae when I add any supplements. No
CO2 there either.

Julie <><

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997 rhondawi at wrote:

> Well, if you want my honest opinion it's a waste of time. I've seen nice
> tanks that have all that stuff but you can create a nice tank without it. I
> have quite a few planted tanks and don't use any aditives. What type of
> exotics are you having trouble with? What sort of lighting are you using?
> Rhonda
> On Sat, 02 Aug 1997, Larry Stein <lstein at> wrote:
> >I have had a heavily planted tank for a long time and so far I have had few
> >problems except for the growing of more of the exotics. I was wondering
> >what the group thinks about added CO2 and Iron. I have tested for both in
> >my tank and with CO2 I get a very low reading (or I am doing the test
> >wrong) and with IRON I use a liquid plant fertilizer and when I test for
> >Iron I get a ZERO reading.
> >
> >I have read about adding CO2 but is really worth the cost? The Ceomat250
> >seems pretty expensive and I am not prone to making my own CO2 generator.
> >As for Iron supplements what does this group of people recommend?
> >
> >While were at it.... What is the basic school of thought on Carbonate
> >hardness(KH)? I have had mine checked and it was about 2 degrees... I can
> >not find many if any products that raise this value to 5-8 degrees...
> >
> >Thanks IN advance.....
> >
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