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rhondawi at
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 08:29:56 -0700

Well, if you want my honest opinion it's a waste of time. I've seen nice
tanks that have all that stuff but you can create a nice tank without it. I
have quite a few planted tanks and don't use any aditives. What type of
exotics are you having trouble with? What sort of lighting are you using?


On Sat, 02 Aug 1997, Larry Stein <lstein at> wrote:
>I have had a heavily planted tank for a long time and so far I have had few
>problems except for the growing of more of the exotics. I was wondering
>what the group thinks about added CO2 and Iron. I have tested for both in
>my tank and with CO2 I get a very low reading (or I am doing the test
>wrong) and with IRON I use a liquid plant fertilizer and when I test for
>Iron I get a ZERO reading.
>I have read about adding CO2 but is really worth the cost? The Ceomat250
>seems pretty expensive and I am not prone to making my own CO2 generator.
>As for Iron supplements what does this group of people recommend?
>While were at it.... What is the basic school of thought on Carbonate
>hardness(KH)? I have had mine checked and it was about 2 degrees... I can
>not find many if any products that raise this value to 5-8 degrees...
>Thanks IN advance.....
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