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Subject: The Guide to a Sustainable Future


... a special edition from the editor's of The Green Disk: a
journal of contemporary environmental issues. Included are four
sections outlining the transformation of design, energy systems,
agriculture, and materials flow necessary for a positive future:

o Ecological Building and Design
o Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
o Wood Conservation and Alternative Fibers
o Renewable and Clean Energy

This 1400 page volume is a comprehensive guide to the
organizations, agencies, projects, campaigns and companies that
are the vanguard on the path to sustainability. Each of the four
sections contains extensive background articles, news, and
resource listings. Included are:

o 232 full text reports and articles, and over 1700 references.
o 563 Web sites, listservs, CD-roms, and database listings.
o Listings of 552 books, reports, videos, and other resources.
o 377 contacts for information, products, and networking.

THE GUIDE TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE is published on disk in
Macintosh and IBM editions, and includes a user interface for
reading and keyword searching. The disks, manual, and packaging
are all made of 100% recycled content.

The Green Disk has been featured by Mother Jones, E,
Alternatives, Earth Island Journal, Wild Earth, The Green Money
Journal, Information Today, The Green Business Letter, National
Public Radio, and many others.

International. Payment is by VISA/MC or a US bank check. Make
sure to indicate preference for the Macintosh or IBM edition.
Visit our Web site at http://www.igc.org/greendisk for more
information and to order online. Phone/fax toll-free
1-888-GRN-DISK. Email <greendisk at igc.org>, or write to The Green
Disk, POB 32224, Washington, DC 20007.

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