Re: Agreement for Cyprinodon tularosa

Juan Manuel Artigas (jartigas at
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 20:57:58 -0600

PabloE2 at wrote:
> I have an interesting scenario for discussion: What would happen if an
> endangered species from another continent (say, any of the Cichlids endemic
> to Madagascar) were accidently introduced into Florida's waters and were able
> to make a strong hold in that state where they are on the verge of extinction
> elsewhere. What would the regulators in the government do. On one hand they
> would be required, by the present legislation to protect the endangered
> species and, on the other, protect the environment from this "threat."
> -Paul

I would say protect an endangered specie does not mean put others in danger, I guess
the alternative ways to protect endangered species will have to be follow and still
consider the exotic specie undesirable in foreign waterways. Of course that is what
logic tells me, as I don't have any USA legal knowdledge.
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