Re: Agreement for Cyprinodon tularosa

Dwain Kitchel (dwaink at
Thu, 18 Jan 96 17:21 EST

At 11:50 AM 1/18/96 -0600, you wrote:
Hopefully everyone is aware of the problems caused by the
>illegal release of fishes into non-historic habitats. Pupfish and
>poeciliids are creating the most problems, especially in Texas, New ...

Mr. Johnson:

Hello and by way of introduction my name is Dwain Kitchel and I have been
keeping fish for some 10 years.I am what you experts would call a rank
hobbyist, but I still have concerns for the preservation of hobby fish and
others. I am a member of the ACA and was for years a member of the Texas
Chiclid Assoc.

I wonder from my reading if there isn't more of a problem from the release
of "game" fish and "food" fish than all the "accidental" hobby releases.
When a ship from over seas lets ballast water go organisms from its ports
are let go in profusion. Is the release by hobbyist really that much of a
danger compared to the damadge done by the Nile perch or tilapia started as
food fish? Perhaps my thick skull could use the education you offer but
every year in Texas there seemed to be a Piranha scare that was really just
a pacu.This is not an excuse for the release of the pacu but it gets blown
out of proportion it seems to me. Perhaps your point is valid sir but I

Dwain Kitchel
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