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G'day folks

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Peter Unmack

Dear Marine Fish and Aquarium Hobbyists,

I have been asked by Craig Watson to forward this plea for h*lp and
information to all interested parties. Please assist if you can.

There is an initiative which may have great impact on the Marine Hobby
and we need as much information (questions at the very end of this
message) as possible. If you can answer any of these questions or if
you know people who may be able to help us, please forward this to them,
and/or please email us back. If you have any questions, email us. We
appreciate your help and need the information within the next week.

Craig Watson, Interim Program Coordinator, University of Florida
Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory email: caw at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
Roy Yanong, Veterinarian, University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture
Laboratory email: aquavmd at aol.com.

The questions are as follows:

1. What is the approximate number of SPECIES in the marine hobby
(vertebrate, invertebrate (corals, gorgonians, molluscs, annelids,
crustaceans, etc.), plants, etc., etc. perhaps broken down by class or

2. What are the number and kind of species "KNOWN" to have been SPAWNED
or PROPAGATED in captivity? (with or without references, although
references would help)

3. What are the number of and where are the different sites where marine
hobby species are collected?

4. Which entities (non-profits, non-governmental organizations,
governmental organizations, private, etc.) are involved in ANY
conservation programs (e.g. Netsman, IMA, Ocean Voice International,

Please get these questions and our emails out as soon as possible, so
the Marine Hobby can be properly represented.

If you get more then one email from us we apologize in advance and
thank you for what ever help you can give us in this matter.