Re: [acn-l] searching for volunteer editor for ACN

Patrick de Rham (pderham at
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 22:26:11 +0200

jeudi, 22. avril 1999 20:22, Peter Unmack wrote:
> To anyone interested in the long term future of the Aquatic Conservation
> Network
> ACN desperately needs your help. We need a volunteer editor so we can
> continue to publish our quarterly bulletin "Aquatic Survival" and
> with the membership. Without an editor this organisation will fold as it
> hardly expect people to pay money for something that has no return to
> Although in the past ACN has met difficulties in fullfilling its
> there was a general concensus that Aquatic Survival was a most useful
> information source for the conservation minded aquarist and other persons
> agencies interested in aquatic conservation. Please send any expressons
> interest to Peter Unmack (peter.unmack at and he will pass them
onto the
> Board of Directors for consideration.
> Best Fishes
> ACN Board of Directors


Well done ! Let's hope someone is interested by this challenging if not
financially rewarding job. In the unfortunate but not unlikely event that
no one comes forward, I think we should immediatly begin to think on what
we should do to try to sustain ACN's mission even if the organization
proper is disolved or put to sleep. Of course the only option is to go
fully Internet and as our Internet Coordinator you should be the pivot
around which this new (is it really so new ?) approach should be
implemented. What do you think of that ?!