[acn-l] NANFA meeting in August

Chris Scharpf (cdscharpf at wbdoner.com)
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 12:15:15 -0400

North American Native Fishes Association to Hold 1999 Annual Meeting in
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois on August 5-8, 1999

The North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA) will host its 1999
Annual Meeting in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Events include slide shows
and speakers who will describe breeding techniques and aquarium care of
natives, a museum trip, collecting trips, native fish displays, as well as
an auction and banquet.

"Meeting organizer and human dynamo Elmer Guerri has done a great job
planning what promises to be one of the best meetings that NANFA has ever
had," said NANFA President Bob Bock. "Illinois is definitely the place for
native fish people to be in August."

Speakers include:

native fish expert Jim Sternberg, on breeding Redbelly Dace, one of the
most beautiful of aquarium fish

master breeder Ray Katula, on breeding darters, minnows, killifishes, and

expert aquarist Ray Wolf, on raising and breeding sunfish, pygmy sunfish
and killifishes in pools

Dr. Larry Page (author of the Peterson Field Guide: North American Fishes
North of Mexico) who will show videotapes of spawning minnows and darters.

"Both advanced hobbyists and beginners are welcome to this event," Bock
said. "Beginners, particularly, will find this a great introduction to native fishes
and will receive a thorough orientation to native fish collecting and fish keeping."

Other talks include: the habitat and ecology of Illinois and Indiana river
systems; habitat restoration and species reintroduction efforts;
developments in aquarium technology and design; fish photography and
videography; and species identification. Field trips will include a visit
to the Illinois Natural History Survey collections of fish and mussels as
well as collecting trips to the Mackinaw River Region near Bloomington and
the Middle Fork of the Vermillion River near Oakwood.

For more information, check NANFA's website at www.nanfa.org, or contact
meeting organizer Elmer Guerri, 8401 North Lakewood Place, W. Terre Haute,
Indiana 47885, (812) 535-1230, marc1230 at aol.com.

Founded in 1973, NANFA is dedicated to the study, conservation and captive
husbandry of North America's native fish fauna.

Christopher Scharpf

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