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G'day folks

This is about a group interested all aspects of North American native fishes.
Readon if interested. They have a great web page at http://www.nanfa.org too!

Peter Unmack

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Subject: NANFA-- A springtime invitation

Dear fellow native fish enthusiasts,

It's Spring! If you haven't already, you're probably repairing your seine
nets, and making room in your tanks for your first collecting trip of the
year. Perhaps your fishes from last year are coloring up, getting gravid, and
looking for action. It's certainly a great time of year to be a native
fishkeeper, and a perfect time to join NANFA.

Founded in 1972, NANFA serves to bring together anyone who is interested in
the native fishes of North America -- professional and amateur aquarists,
anglers, fisheries biologists, ichthyologists, fish and wildlife officials,
educators, naturalists, etc. With such a diverse group of members, with
various perspectives and educational backgrounds, it's no surprise that the
topics we cover are wide-ranging, too. But that's what makes NANFA fun. And

Joining NANFA can help you learn -- and share your knowledge -- by linking you
with hundreds of fellow fish enthusiasts who are not on this e-mail list.

A NANFA membership includes the following benefits:

* four quarterly issues of AMERICAN CURRENTS, which features articles on
finding, collecting, keeping, observing, conserving, and breeding North
American fishes; and news about aquaristics, laws, the environment, and the
latest scientific developments. This is a great forum for NANFA members to
share their knowledge and experiences with fellow fish enthusiasts across the
country and around the world. Each 8-1/2x11" issue is 40-44 pages long, and is
packed with engagingly written articles, plus illustrations, photos and
sometimes maps with collecting sites. Noted aquarist Lee Finley recently
called AC "wonderful" in his book review column in Aquarium Fish Magazine.

* TRADING POST -- for advertising fishes, fish eggs, plants, publications --
anything related to native fishes and fishkeeping. This is a free service to
all NANFA members, appearing in AC, on this e-mail list, and on NANFA's Web
page for all the world to see.

* REGIONAL NANFA CHAPTERS -- State and regional groups where members can get
together to collect and discuss native fishes. Right now there are 19 regional
chapters, and more are being formed.

* NEW MEMBER PACKET -- an 8-page newsletter that's sent to new NANFA members
(and any member who requests one) introducing them to the exciting world of
collecting, keeping and conserving North America's native fishes.

* ANNUAL MEETING -- Where NANFA members from around the country meet for
collecting trips, lectures, raffles, auctions, and tons of fun and fellowship.
Recent meetings in New Orleans, Portland and Chattanooga were blasts. This
year's meeting in Illinois (Aug.5-9) promises to be our biggest one yet.
Everyone's invited.

* INFORMATION RESOURCES -- including an issue-by-issue guide to 26 years of
AMERICAN CURRENTS (the most comprehensive collection of native fish literature
ever). Plus, a tiny, tiny portion of your dues goes to our Website, which
helps spread the cause of North American native fishes to fish lovers

If you're interested in native fishes...
If you're worried about the future of native fishes...
If you think native fishes RULE...
Then you owe it to yourself to join NANFA and 500 other people who think just
like you.

Here's an application. Or go to http://www.nanfa.org/special.htm and print the
application there.

Thank you for your attention. And now back to our regularly scheduled
discussions! :-)

USA= $15/year; CANADA AND MEXICO= $20/year;

P.O. Box 2304
Kensington, Maryland 20891

Please begin my NANFA membership. Enclosed is
a check or money order made out to NANFA in the amount of
$___________(US$). This covers_______years at $________a year (US$).
Non-U.S. Members, please send postal money order in U.S. funds. Thanks.
This is a (check one): new membership _____ renewal _____.

Dr. _______________________________
ZIP CODE____________________COUNTRY (if not USA)_______________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS _________________________________________
Please tell us how you heard about us: __________________________________

If another member introduced you to NANFA, please tell us who they were:

We're planning to make a membership directory available to NANFA members. This is a way for members to meet each other.
May we include your address in this directory? _____
May we include your phone number? ______ !

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